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First Visit to an Omaha Kids Martial Arts Class

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First Visit to an Omaha Kids Martial Arts Facility


Your child wants to be a ninja.


You feel he should have more focus and are concerned about his respect for others.


You think maybe Martial Arts can teach him those things and decide to check out a place on your drive home. A quick phone call on your way in and someone will watch for your arrival.


Bringing your child, you walk in the door.


Kids are in practice and they are loud! An instructor is barking in a foreign language. You see kids moving together on command. They are engaged. They are disciplined. The instructor calls out and they come to attention and bow. It is natural and unforced. There is calm and focus.


Your children’s eyes get big, they are surprised by what they sees. You realize this new stuff has them off-guard. They moves closer to you, different from the kid jumping around showing off his moves just a few minutes earlier!


A young person in a crisp uniform approaches you and asks, “Is this your first visit?” They describe the scene and you understand what is happening. You are escorted to a pair of chairs and told someone will be with you shortly.


What do you look for when you get there?


Pay attention and watch for a few minutes, absorb the activity. This is a good thing.


Bags are brought out and kids fly at them. The things they practiced earlier are being used again. They are laughing and challenging each other to go farther. The kids take part, encouraging each other. Class ends with high-fives for everyone.


This is a regular day, things look good. Now check a few other items…


A quick survey of the room shows organization. Mirrors, padded floors, chairs, punching bags, bright lighting, coat hooks and cubbies, equipment and fixtures are in good repair. Everything has a place, tidy for so much activity in one room.


The noise is to be expected. Martial Arts are vocal and shouts are part of the training.


The gym - called a do-jang in Korean or dojo in Japanese - is a place where people train, so it smells like a gym on occasion. This should not be constant or extreme.


Use the restroom. This often doubles as the locker room. Look for clean and functioning. The occasional paper towel on the floor is ok, grimy is not.


Someone comes to talk to you in detail, repeating what you said earlier. The facility has communication and organization.


A detailed discussion over the purpose for your visit follows:

  What results are you seeking?

  What goals do you and your child have for this practice?

  Are there any special concerns for your child?


The questions are key and your answers are critical.

Martial Arts can bring many things to a person’s life but it has to begin with the student and family understanding their need for these disciplines.


An introductory offer and a discussion about your child would follow. This lets the school look at your child’s skills and lets you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

This does not mean it should be easy or comfortable. Things new and different usually bring a level of discomfort.

It does mean you should feel positive about attending. The staff and ownership are professional, practiced and focused on the training. You should see how it could bring personal and physical development for your child and your family.


At Midwest Tae Kwon Do, this describes the first visit experience we strive to deliver. Stop in and experience what training at the Best of Omaha 2016 and 2017: Martial Arts facility can do for you!


Midwest Tae Kwon Do:  8812 Blondo Street, Omaha, NE. 402-932-2999

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