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  • Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

    At Championship Martial Arts, safety is our top priority. In order to best serve our students and community, we have introduced a COVID-19 Safety Protocol to help keep our dojo sanitized, our staff and students healthy, and our community thriving. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines: 1. All staff, parents, and students will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the dojo. 2. We ask that students enter the dojo 5 minutes before their class, after we let the class before them exit. After each class we will clean/disinfect all equipment used during that class. There are markings on the sidewalk outside to encourage social distancing while students ....

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  • Dealing with Children's Negative Behaviors

    Dealing with Children's Negative Behaviors

    Here is some great advice from a Leader in the Martial Arts Industry. Championship Martial Arts is so much more than Kicks & Punches! :) The C.O.A.L. Method – 4 Quick and Easy Steps to Dealing with Children’s Negative Behaviors By Jennifer Salama When it comes to parenting, emotions can run high. When children act out negatively, parents often become frustrated quickly and react by trying to fix the behavior immediately by yelling, punishing, etc. However, this approach is never a win for the child or the parent. As a Pediatric Ninja Specialist, Melody Shuman, the founder of the SKILLZ Program, continually studies and researches new and innovative ways to ....

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  • First Visit to an Omaha Kids Martial Arts Class

    First Visit to an Omaha Kids Martial Arts Facility
    Your child wants to be a ninja. You feel he should have more focus and are concerned about his respect for others. You think maybe Martial Arts can teach him those things and decide to check out a place on your drive home. A quick phone call on your way in and someone will watch for your arrival. Bringing your child, you walk in the door. Kids are in practice and they are loud! An instructor is barking in a foreign language. You see kids moving together on command. They are engaged. They are disciplined. The instructor calls out and they come to attention and bow. It is natural and unforced. There is ....

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