Omaha Tiny Tigers Classes

Beginner Tiny Tigers Classes Enrolling In November

Ages 2 1/2 - 4 *must be potty trained. Age appropriate curriculum for the developmental stage of the students.

With this age group, we work on developing their gross motor skills, concentration, focus, control of their bodies, and confidence. The warm-ups are comprised of age-appropriate activities that address the weekly skill set.

Tiny Tigers Martial Arts in Omaha!

The martial arts component of the class will teach them basic blocking, kicking and punching that they will continue to build on as they progress on their martial arts journey. The instructors for our Little Ones are constantly training and studying new ways to keep the student's attention while making their experience in class both enjoyable and beneficial.


You don't need to look any further than Championship Martial Arts - Omaha when you want the best Kids Martial Arts classes for your child.

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