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Tactical Response Solutions

Tactical Response Solutions

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Our Tactical Response Class will teach our students a variety of practical skills from martial arts styles to help give them peace of mind, and keep them safe. This class will test and improve your fitness so that not only will you have the techniques, but you will be in the condition to use them effectively in a worse-case scenario. There is nothing more serious or important as the safety of yourself and your family.

Objectives of Our Street Defense Class and What You Will Learn:

  • Combatives and practice them utilizing our extensive training equipment
  • Gun Disarms and practice with our training weapons
  • Knife Defense techniques
  • Uber Safety
  • How to protect yourself against and a home invasion
  • How to protect yourself against a car-jacking
  • How to "never be held down again"
  • To be more confident and know that you are prepared to deal with a variety of situations and are able to effectively protect yourself and your family.

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